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Mind Games

A blindfolded speaker using "God's gifts" identifies a variety of unseen objects. A doctor prays to God before performing "psychic surgery"- removing a patient's diseased appendix with no incision. A psychic accurately discerns detailed facts about her listener's life. Are these truly miraculous happenings or are they sophisticated illusions?

André Kole has spent decades studying numerous religions and spiritual feats. In Mind Games, he provides clear explanations for supposed miracles and wonders and educates readers about the deceptive trickery behind astrology, UFOs, ghosts, mind sciences, and other unexplained phenomena.

Written by André Kole and Jerry MacGregor. - $8.95

Astrology & Psychic Phenomen
Astrology, Tarrot cards, Ouija boards, spiritism, psychic healing, palm reading, and old-fashioned fortune telling (now called psychic consulting) - all these are popular in America today. Psychic hotlines are heavily represented on television, with testimonial to their amazing ability to give people accurate details about their past and predictions about their future.

Are psychics indeed gifted with supernatural powers? André Kole and Terry Holley show convincingly how the success of these and other paranormal phenomena depends on deceit and sleight of hand rather than on genuine supernatural powers. - $7.95

Mind Games and Astrology Combo
$14.90 for both - a $2.00 savings!



Classic Video Combo DVD image

Classic Video Combo DVD

This is a DVD compilation of both of Andre's popular Videos:

Illusion and Reality
A dazzling collection of intriguing and captivating magical illusions taken from André's world tours, including Walking on Water and vanishing the Statue of Liberty.

Mircles or Deception?
What powers do crystals really possess? Can people actually levitate? André Kole challenges you to examine the claims of the New Age Movement versus the reality of Jesus Christ. Also included are spectacular illusions from his various world tours.

Both videos on one DVD $14.95



  Unlocking the Mystery Of Life - DVD
The Scientific Case For Intelligent Design - Using state-of-the-art computer animation, "Unlocking the Mystery of Life" transports you into the interior of the living cell to explore systems and machines that bear the unmistakable hallmarks of design.

This compelling documentary examines an idea with the power to revolutionize our understanding of life... and to unlock the mystery of its origin.

Running Time: Approx. 65 minutes. $9.95





Pocket Gospel Illustration
Two different colored beads on a cord are separated by a knot tied between them. The knot mysteriously dissolves when the cross is placed on it, illustrating how Christ has removed the barrier of sin that separates man from God.




3-Ball Gospel Illustration
André Kole has successfully used illustrations like this one to help share Christ with millions of people in 76 countries of the world. The Three-Ball Illustration is now being made available to other ministries throughout the world. Now, you too, can implement this visual illustration that is being greatly used by the Holy Spirit to enhance the presentation, comprehension, and retention of the most important message of all time.

Prices and more information on the Three-Ball Illustration.

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